I help young people raise their consciousness and find joy from within

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The Perfect Life Formula is a course that will raise your

consciousness and teach you the tools and mindsets to becoming happy and getting everything you ever dreamed of. Without forcing yourself constantly.

This is an implementation program which means we will elevate your consciousness together in the next 100 days and help you get to feel unconditional love and happiness as fast as possible.

You up for that?

Meet Patrik

There's a reason he's known as the coach for joy. His friends describe him as a cloud of bliss walking around sharing his love and compassion with others. 

And his past clients have completely turned around their life.

Yo Patrik my man! You're a peanut in a world of almonds and pistachios. I mean it's rare to see coaches having heart to heart no BS talk with someone and give them the absolute best advice.

My outlook and perspective has gotten wider than the ocean

And my results skyrocketed.

Feel free to share it with the rest. And if you're someone who hasn't invested in himself like all the smart-ass badasses at the top ,you're doing yourself a huge disservice. Unless of course, you hate the idea of hot girls and success being wrapped around u like a duct tape.

Looking forward to seeing more good stuff ,bro. Imran A


Patrik is one of those rare no holds bared no fluff coaches that over delivers in value on everything he does, his book and course is no different if you want results you owe it to yourself and your future to learn what this Badasss is going to teach you " Padraig H

Patrik asked for a testimonial, And I be honest I only invested around 500 dollars in coaching and even though, I haven't done all action steps. Like his energy is so good, And I be seeing myself at work just dancing having fun. I be screaming, dude it's crazy. At the 2nd 100 dollar investment I instantly felt better I felt more confident. And I be dancing swinging my arms like a madman and loving life. Christian V

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